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Quality Bird Cages & Supplies at Discount Prices


Busy Bird’s mechanical and foraging parrot toys are built to last for the life of your bird. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum and some stainless steel, our toys are safe, durable and lightweight. They are chemical and dishwasher safe- the colors won’t wash away or fade. All toys with wing nuts and hex nuts are hassle-free, as they won’t come off their bolts. The thread at the end of the bolts are altered, so your feathered friend can’t get them off and you don’t have to “forage” around the floor of the cage to find them.

Please allow for 1-2 weeks delivery time

Busy Bird Toys Busy Box

Perfect for medium to large birds. Constructed of solid aluminum and stainless steel, this toy is built to last a lifetime. Parrots love its bright colors and the clanky sounds it makes as they take it apart by unscrewing the wing-nuts. Put a treat inside and let them go at it! Mounts securely to the side or top of their cage. The wing nuts won’t fall off, so you’re never digging on the bottom of the cage to find them! Chemical and dishwasher safe.

Box size: 2.5 inches square

Wing nut “wingspan”: 1.5 inches

Product weight: 8 oz.

Busy Bird Toys Busy Box

Busy Bird Toys Busy Barrel

Just like the Busy Box but in a barrel shape

Constructed of solid aluminum and stainless steel, this toy is built to last a lifetime.

2.5" x 2.5" x 6"

Busy Bird Toys Busy Barrel

Busy Bird Toys Busy Strip

The ultimate in “unscrewables.” Hours and hours of intellectual fun.

All aluminum and stainless steel. 12 total inches of threaded rods. Wing nuts and hex nuts wont come off their bolts. Includes quick link to hang noisemaker, other toys or just another challenge for the bird to get it off. Side cage mount or hang.

8" x 0.75" x 2.75"

Busy Bird Toys Busy Strip

Busy Bird Toys Goodie Gadget

The Goodie Gadget is solid aluminum. The Peek a Boo window lets your bird see the treat inside but can’t get to it. The red top takes a full 9 rotations to open, while the cylinder swivels on its axis. Side cage mount. Both prongs on the top must be engaged to turn the top. A real challenge for your feathered friend!

2.5" x 2.5"

Busy Bird Toys Goodie Gadget

Busy Bird Toys Spinner

All stainless. The spinner travels on threaded rods back and forth. Your feather kids will love this one.

2.5" x 2.5" x 2.75"

Busy Bird Toys Spinner

Busy Bird Toys The Impossi-Ball

The Impossi-ball

The heavy duty all stainless steel, welded "Impossi-ball" contains two solid ABS balls with 1/2 holes drilled all the way through the middle, so a treat can be stuffed inside them. The balls can not come out of the cage. It comes with an all stainless hanger chain and an all stainless quick link to connect to the cage. Your bird will go nuts trying to get the balls out! The yellow ABS pear shaped part spins an axis, adds color and provides another thing for your parrot to chew on. Indestructible like all Busy Bird toys. "For Birds That Like to Screw Around!"

•Solid Stainless Steel

•Solid ABS balls with 1/2 in hole bored through

•Balls can not come out of cage

•8 inch stainless chain with stainless quick link

•All welded together

Great for all medium to extra large parrots

Busy Bird Toys The Impossi-Ball

Busy Bird Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy

Helicopter Arm adjusts Elevator to Expose Treats - 100% Metal, Ultimate Brain Teaser and Mind Game for Medium to Extra Large Birds

• SATISFIES INSTINCTUAL BEHAVIORS: Parrots need to forage, use their incredible brains, and solve puzzles to prevent boredom.

• SAVES YOU MONEY: Birds do need shreddable toys, but they are expensive and gone in a flash. Busy-Bird toys give your bird a foraging and intellectual outlet that lasts a lifetime, helping you mitigate the expense of destructible toys. Collect them all and ROTATE regularly.

• ENCOURAGES PLAY AND EXERCISE: When mounted to the side of their cage, your bird will have to find a way to balance and manipulate the helicopter arm, promoting balance and building endurance.

• African Greys Macaws Cockatoos Catalinas Amazons

8 x 4.75 x 2 inches

Busy Bird Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy